About Me


I am a senior at UC Irvine, pursuing a Bachelors in Computer Science. Two of my most defining traits are rollerblading and programming; I was given my first pair of skated for my third birthday and now I skate everywhere, and my first programming class was Introductory Java in 8th grade. Like rollerskating, I program recreationally, always working on a few projects, writing scripts for a neurobiology lab on campus, and looking for hackathons and other opportunities, and this year I am vice prsident of the Roller Hockey Club.


Student Assistant IT, Parker Lab, UC Irvine Department of Neurobiology and Behavioral Science October 2013 - Present

I've been writing scripts for the Parker Lab since my first week at UC Irvine. Each new project required me to understand more biological terminology and background than the last, encouraging me to expand my domain knowledge outside just CS. Most notably, I helped develop FLIKA, a software suite in python to automate identification and analysis of local calcium signals. I implemented an expandable user-space for plugins and user-defined scripts. I also developed software to automate control of a 2D galvonmeter for precise control of laser scanning system, and worked with multiple labs designing and 3D printing excitation/emission filters and microscope stages.


Computer Science B.S. at University of California Irvine 2013-2017

UCI was an easy choice because of its isolated Computer Science school, research opportunities, and education-oriented atmosphere. The first two years of courses taught Python, C and C++, Data Structures, and system arhitecture, opening doors to basic O-notation algorithms, Graph Theory, and more diverse upper division courses. Project classes in Artificial Intelligence and Computational Biology focused on machine learning concepts to produce game opponents, learning algorithms, and neural networks for DNA secondary structure prediction. Other classes like Database Management and Multitasking Operating Systems covered SQL programming and the Unix environment.


Roller Hockey Club at UCI, Vice President

After rollerskating for ten years, I joined the Tri-Valley roller hockey league in High School, and kept playing into college. Skating to classes and on weekends for practice began to make walking feel unusual. The Roller Hockey Club at UCI competes in Division II and III of the National Collegiate Roller Hockey Association, and by my senior year I signed up to be Vice President and help run the club.

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