Python global image processing software written with pyqtgraph and numpy. Developed by scientists, for scientists.

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Graph Theory Playground for visualizing networks, emulating traversal algorithms. Save graphs online and share them with friends.

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The intersection of AntPlanner, DegreeWorks, WebSOC, and WebReg all rolled into one. Make signing up for classes at UCI easier.

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Github Repositories

THere are plenty of other repos and usable code in my Github. It's worth a look.

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Welcome to The Settle Project

The Settle Project is a website I created in my Senior year at UC Irvine, to host projects and share what I hope are useful tools. I'm not a web developer, but I am trying to move my projects to a more open domain and always looking to try new technologies. Most of my work is just repositories on Github, but in order to broaden my experience, I created this Amazon Web Services site and set out to make complete applications worth sharing. Hope you like them!

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