About Me

I graduated from University of California, Irvine in March 2017 with a Bachelors in Computer Science, and am currently seeking a full time position as a software developer. My primary development languages are Python, Java, and C/C++ as a full stack developer. I have worked as a student assistant in a Neurobiology research lab developing analysis software in Python, a machine learning intern at Black Knight Financial Services using scikit-learn to analyze loan databases on a Hadoop cluster, and I am constantly searching for new projects and opportunities to code.

Welcome to The Settle Project

I created The Settle Project in 2016, the Summer before my Senior year at UC Irvine, to host projects and share what I hope are useful tools. I'm not a web developer, but I am trying to move my projects to a sharable domain, and I'm always looking to try new technologies. Most of my work is just repositories on Github, but in order to broaden my experience, I created this AWS site and set out to make complete applications worth sharing. Hope you like them!



Python global image processing software written with pyqtgraph and numpy. Developed by scientists, for scientists.

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Graph Theory Playground for visualizing networks, emulating traversal algorithms. Save graphs online and share them with friends.

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The intersection of AntPlanner, DegreeWorks, WebSOC, and WebReg all rolled into one. Make signing up for classes at UCI easier.

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Subreddit Screensaver

Reddit Image scraper in Python that caches images for loadless fullscreen preview. This makes it really easy to find new wallpapers

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